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The insider threat spans an overwhelming landscape. It is nearly impossible to achieve situational awareness while at the same time quickly identifying specific threats. The Forcepoint User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) Insider Threat platform leverages a uniquely powerful analytic framework that pierces through the fog by looking across all insider activity, factoring in the intrinsic risk of each insider and supplementing activity streams with value-add information from across a company’s security and compliance ecosystem.


The broadest set of data ingest sources in the UEBA security market—including structured and unstructured data sources




Identify Potential Sources of Data Exfiltration and Critical IP Loss

Determine users exhibiting risky behaviour such as stockpiling and atypical data movement before critical IP leaves your organization.

Advanced Compromised Account Detection

By understanding attributes like typical access patterns, prevent bad actors from accessing your critical assets and systems with User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA).

Be a Partner to Human Resources

Analyse communications-based data sources to identify potential code-of-conduct infractions.

Get More Out of Your SIEM Investment

UEBA adds context and analytics to SIEM data and provides risk scoring to incidents organized by entity, allowing analysts to prioritize the highest risks.

Perform Context & Content-Rich Incident Response

Enable transparent comprehensive investigation with advanced analytics like machine learning and artificial intelligence that are tuned toward specific behaviour risk

Solve Challenges in Data Security and Regulatory Compliance

Analyse and detect patterns of human behaviour in big data, delivering insights into enterprise risk where threats have surpassed the perimeter.

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