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Virtual Network Security Platform – IPS-VM

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Virtual Network Security Platform – IPS-VM

McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform is a complete network threat and intrusion prevention system (IPS) solution built for the unique demands of private and public clouds. It discovers and blocks sophisticated threats in cloud architectures with accuracy and simplicity, enabling organisations to restore compliance and embrace cloud security with confidence. Advanced technologies include signature-less detection, in-line emulation, signature-based vulnerability patching, and support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and network virtualisation. With streamlined workflows, multiple integration options, and simplified licensing, organizations can easily manage and scale their security in the most complex cloud architectures.

Key Advantages

  1. Unparalleled advanced threat prevention
  2. Signature-less, advanced malware analysis.
  3. Protect against cross-site scripting and SQL injection.
  4. Advanced botnet callback and malware detection.
  5. Behaviour-based analysis and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection.
  6. Integration with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense.
  7. IPS and intrusion detection system (IDS) deployment.
  8. Always-on VMware ESX-McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform solution.

Cloud-ready Architecture

  1. One license allows throughput sharing across any combination of public and private clouds.

Complete Public Cloud Security with Advanced Security Technology

Public clouds offer convenience, cost savings, and the opportunity to shift infrastructure spending to an operational expense model. They also introduce a new level of risk, where a vulnerability in publicly accessible software could enable an attacker to puncture the cloud and exfiltrate sensitive information or accidentally expose customer data to other tenants using the same service.

McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform supports AWS—today’s leading public cloud service—delivering complete threat visibility of data going through an internet gateway and also into east-west traffic. With it, you can restore threat visibility and security compliance into public cloud architectures with an intrusion prevention system (IPS) platform that delivers true east-west traffic inspection.

Securing Virtualized Environments

Enterprises are rapidly adopting virtualized IT infrastructures—such as private and public clouds—where physical servers can simultaneously host multiple virtual machines (VMs) and even entire virtualized workloads. The resulting inter-VM communication, along with instant migration, replication, and backup of these workloads, have combined to dramatically increase east-west traffic inside private and public cloud as well as SDDCs. Adding to the chaos, the flexibility provided by network virtualisation makes these escalating traffic flows dynamic and unpredictable. To keep up, virtualised security solutions must be flexible and scalable, and, even more importantly, they must function seamlessly with software-defined networking (SDN) platforms that orchestrate these often short-lived VMs and workloads.

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