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Vulnerability Manager for Databases – VMD

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Vulnerability Manager for Databases – VMD

You store your most valuable and sensitive data in a database, but most vulnerability assessment products don’t know enough about database systems to thoroughly test them, putting your data at risk. Practically every week there’s yet another announcement of a major data breach. McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases automatically discovers databases on your network; determines if the latest patches have been applied; and tests for common weaknesses, such as weak passwords, default accounts, and others, making it easier than ever to demonstrate regulatory compliance and better protect critical data.

Key Advantages

  1. Unparalleled visibility into database security posture
  2. Scans multiple databases across the enterprise from a centralized console
  3. Accelerates time to compliance and minimizes audit cycles, resulting in significant cost savings
  4. Requires minimal knowledge of database systems
  5. Generates customized reports in an easy-to-understand format for various user roles.

The Fastest Path to Database Compliance

With a set of features designed to speed initial scans and out-of-the-box reports to address most compliance requirements, McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases delivers audit-ready results with minimal resources.

To get your first assessment completed quickly, McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases:

  1. Automates discovery of databases on the network
  2. Locates and identifies tables containing sensitive information
  3. Conducts a quick port scan providing database version and patch status
  4. Presents findings in preconfigured reports for various compliance standards
  5. Built on Proven Database Security Expertise

Database management systems are complex, introducing their own set of security risks, some of which are similar to other system software (such as patch updates, password strength, and others) and some of which are unique to databases (such as threats from SQL injection or buffer overflow exploits). McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases comes from the team that’s credited with contributions in seven of the last 10 critical patch updates (CPUs) that Oracle released.

It leverages the expertise of leading database security practitioners to:

  1. Identify susceptibility to database-specific risks, including SQL injection, buffer overflow, and malicious or insecure PL/SQL code
  2. Prioritise findings and highlight the ‘real’ issues needing immediate attention
  3. Provide actionable intelligence on how to address risks, including fix scripts whenever possible
  4. Allow security and compliance users with limited database knowledge to quickly understand risks to sensitive data and how to remediate them.

Integration with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

Platform for Maximum Visibility McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases is fully integrated with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO™) platform, providing centralized reporting and summary information for all your databases from a consolidated dashboard. It delivers detailed information and scan configuration as well as direct links to invoke the vulnerability scanning management console with granular control over every operation.

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