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Web Filter

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Web Filter

The evolution of the internet and Web 2.0 have created a virtual playground of apps, social media, games, dynamic content and streaming media that can become a distraction and a threat to organisations of all shapes and sizes. These issues have created a need for powerful, yet flexible tools that can adapt to the unique needs of each organisation to ensure a safe and productive environment.

Trustwave Web Filtering enables organisations to restrict access to inappropriate and potentially dangerous websites and applications, thereby enforcing acceptable-use policies that comply with industry and regulatory requirements.

Why do organisations choose it?

  1. Passive deployment requiring no network changes
  2. Easy to set up and manage
  3. Point-and-click web-based user interface
  4. Real-time threat dashboard containing alert notifications and bandwidth monitoring
  5. Multi-tiered administration
  6. High-performance functionality
  7. Extensive storage capabilities



Filter Inappropriate Content – Trustwave Web Filtering monitors web requests and matches those against a database of inappropriate categories or URL keywords, which provides depth and control over policies. Organizations can add more than 100 custom categories.

Restrict Applications – The solution does not only use HTTP pattern detection, but it also can filter applications that do not require the browser, such as web-based proxies, peer-to-peer networks and streaming media.

Improve Productivity – The technology manages end-user access to the web, eliminating time wasted on social networking sites, streaming media, and gaming, instant messenger and peer-to-peer applications.


Extend Policies – Administrators can create policies based on individuals, groups, containers or workstations. Rules can be applied across multiple groups.

Reduce Liability – Trustwave Web Filtering provides management with tools to enforce an organization’s acceptable-use policies and limits legal liabilities resulting from exposure to inappropriate or offensive web content.


Scale to Mobile and Remote Users – Trustwave Web Filtering includes a mobile security client, which can be installed on laptops and filters users’ traffic when they are not connected to the corporate network.

Report Simply and Effectively – The product permits real-time and forensic reporting via a centrally managed tool that integrates with Trustwave Web Filtering to manage and store large volumes of data quickly, without impacting performance.

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