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Web Risk Monitoring

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Web Risk Monitoring

The Trustwave Web Risk Monitoring solution offers merchant service providers such as acquiring banks, payment processors, payment gateways and independent sales organizations (ISOs) a full suite of protection for merchant monitoring and reducing risk. Trustwave Web Risk Monitoring delivers industry-leading card brand monitoring capabilities and much more. It is designed for 360° risk mitigation to help you address risks beyond card brand requirements and provide additional opportunities for you to protect and expand your business.

Trustwave Web Risk Monitoring helps you ensure that merchants are selling the goods they say they are – and that online sites have the right foundation of data security practices in place. A cloud-based managed service, Trustwave Web Risk Monitoring helps you address your internal and proprietary standards in addition to compliance with regulatory and industry mandates.

Five key services are offered independently or as a set, according to your requirements:

  1. Content Monitoring for card brand monitoring and onboarding requirements such as Mastercard Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation (BRAM)
  2. Merchant Intelligence to validate business operations, identify third-party relationships and conduct URL discovery
  3. Malware Monitoring that allows you to deliver a Merchant Malware Report to your merchants as well as reviewing merchant website security
  4. Custom Monitoring for your specific requirements such as counterfeit merchandise, terms of service violations and searches for false claims
  5. Transaction Laundering Detection for scalable and reliable identification and reporting of previously unknown illicit websites associated with a merchant

Trustwave has close ties with law enforcement and investigative agencies, and Trustwave Web Risk Monitoring processes work within commonly used computer forensic frameworks. Trustwave Web Risk Monitoring has an ongoing adaptive release cycle to monitor ever-changing illegal, unethical and fraudulent practices taking place online. Additionally, SpiderLabs at Trustwave is continuously researching the latest threats in malware and creating detection methods for the monitoring services.

Trustwave Web Risk Monitoring helps you:

  1. Efficiently satisfy card brand monitoring requirements
  2. Identify violations with current and prospective merchants
  3. Reduce onboarding risks
  4. Reduce costs of manual web content reviews
  5. Eliminate non-compliance penalties
  6. Reduce risks of malware threats to your merchants
  7. Drive additional revenues with merchant services

Trustwave Web Risk Monitoring solution offers you a high-level of flexibility and the ability to customise your monitoring capabilities for your specific requirements.

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