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Scan Office365 for threats TODAY for FREE!

30th October 2018
Scan Office365 for threats TODAY for FREE!

As the most common business communication tool, email is the most susceptible to cyber-attack. There are other ways for hackers to infiltrate a network, however over 90% of cyber attacks start with an email. Despite several advances in Email Security gateway technology over the years, Malware does still occasionally get through. Hackers are resourceful and will use many different techniques to evade defences.

Email Security – No such thing as 100% secure

Once Malware does reach the inbox it may not execute immediately, leading to a build-up of potentially dangerous emails sitting in an unsuspecting victim’s inbox.

All of these emails are potential security banana skins which you should uncover and deal with quickly and appropriately. Also, the larger the organisation the bigger the potential Email Security hazard.


ITB partner Barracuda supply various security solutions that are used by over 200,000 businesses to protect against advanced threats, and as a result, they understand what it takes to protect a network.

As a leader in the cyber security world, Barracuda regularly offer free tools. One of these, the Email Threat Scanner will allow you to…


The below 2 minute video from Barracuda will show you how to run your scan.

Hackers will continue to come up with new, inventive ways to deliver their payloads, therefore it’s important to run scans like this on a regular basis.

Barracuda Email Threat Scanner ConsoleFor more information on how ITB can help you secure your Office365 emails and train your users on what to look out for you can contact one of our Barracuda specialists on 01865 595510.