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Security Testing – The Essential Nice to Have

10th January 2019
Security Testing – The Essential Nice to Have

Organisations across the world spend vast sums on Cybersecurity. In fact, throughout 2018 £89 billion was spent on Information Security products. But without Security Testing these solutions won’t be as effective.

Some would argue that the figure above still falls short of the required amount. There could be some justification for this argument when you consider that the number of data breaches continues to soar.

According to Risk Based Security’s 2017 Data Breach QuickView Report, the number of recorded breaches was 5207. The final figures for 2018 haven’t been released yet but as of October 2018, approximately 4.5 billion records had been compromised.

So where do we go from here?

So what happens in 2019? Do we throw £100 billion at the problem and hope it goes away? or is it time to take a fresh look at things.

Many of the advanced technologies we see on the market today are very good but they aren’t the answer – only part of it. They provide businesses with the means to identify, block and in some cases remediate a problem, but there are a number of other factors that we need to address. There is no magic wand!

Businesses should continually assess their security posture. Let’s face it, cybercriminals don’t stand still so neither, should we.

Once in place, a business should test whether the security mechanisms, workflows and controls they use work as intended in the event of an attack. Without doing this, businesses are leaving themselves vulnerable.

Security Testing

Security Assessments and Penetration Tests completed regularly will provide an invaluable barrier to potential cyber attacks. There are though many different types of tests you can choose from depending on what your main concerns are.

Some of the assessment services we offer are below.

Security Assessments - Our ServicesThese tests, all performed to an extremely high standard and accredited under CHECK, CREST and TIGERSCHEME give our customers the security visibility they need into their systems and processes.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘you can never be 100% secure’ and this still rings true today. All businesses work to an acceptable level of risk and security/penetration testing will enable organisations to quantify this risk. It allows organisations to prioritise where they need to focus their cybersecurity efforts. You can read one of our earlier Blog posts on Risk Management HERE.

To conclude, organisations should absolutely ensure they implement leading solutions but simply implementing these solutions without testing potential areas of weakness will have a negative impact on their effectiveness.

Coupling cutting edge security technology with cutting edge security testing will give your network the protection it deserves.