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So what is MVISION Cloud? – Find out HERE!

26th October 2018
So what is MVISION Cloud? – Find out HERE!

In the regulation-heavy world we live in today, it’s imperative data stays where it should. This has become more challenging now businesses across the world are moving services and data to the Cloud. MVISION Cloud is McAfee’s answer to this problem.

MVISION Cloud is part of the MVISION portfolio of solutions.

The benefits of the Cloud are there for all to see. Lower infrastructure TCO and improved Disaster Recovery capabilities are two of the main ones but how does security fare?

Well, to be honest, initially it didn’t fare well at all as this blog explains…

The Blog by took a closer look at the 7 most infamous Cloud security breaches of all time and it makes for grim reading, think Yahoo, Microsoft, Dropbox etc.

These are only the most well-known so how many lesser-known breaches are we unaware of?

It, therefore, became apparent that as more services moved to the Cloud, more needed to be done to secure the data.

MVISION Cloud, which was built in the Cloud, for the Cloud, is a Cloud Access Security Boker (CASB). It protects data across multiple Cloud platforms and detects, protects and corrects anomalies.

Detect, Protect & Correct with MVISION Cloud

MVISION Cloud will give you complete insight into all of your Cloud hosted data. It will provide you with the context you need to make informed security and risk-based decisions. You can also monitor user behaviour across all Cloud services and devices.

Giving you this insight is only worthwhile if you can do something with it. MVISION Cloud allows businesses to enforce policies across Cloud services in real-time.

Once discovered, Analysts can then remediate these threats in two ways. They can eliminate security misconfigurations and correct high-risk user activities.


It goes without saying that Data Loss Prevention is a key requirement in many legislations today, especially the GDPR. MVISION Cloud will give you the ability to enforce DLP policies across data in the Cloud and prevent the sharing of sensitive data with the wrong people.

Not only will MVISION Cloud do the above, but it will also block sync/download of corporate data to personal devices, encrypt cloud data with keys that only you can access AND address the often overlooked Insider Threat.

MVISION ePO leverages Machine Learning to detect activity that signals malicious behaviour including insiders stealing sensitive data.

MVISION Cloud is a one-stop-shop to protect your Cloud data.

For more information on MVISION Cloud contact one of our McAfee specialists on 01865 595510.