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So what is MVISION Endpoint? – Find out HERE!

2nd October 2018
So what is MVISION Endpoint? – Find out HERE!

As we all know, the IT Security industry never stands still. Not so long ago, an organisation’s security portfolio consisted of Web, Email and Endpoint Security. Yes, you could argue that each of those products had other features built in, as do ‘Next Generation’ Firewalls, but by and large, those 3 products made up a Security Infrastructure.

Fast forward to 2018 and the industry has exploded. From external hackers and advanced threats to internal threat actors and secure configuration. There is a lot to think about.

As the old saying goes ‘complexity is the enemy of security’ and this still rings true today. Despite IT Security being a multi-billion-pound industry, we still hear, regularly, about another breach or another fine.

So, if complexity is the enemy of IT security, the answer must be to simplify surely. This sounds like common sense, but the difficulty is simplifying without compromising security.

Throw into the mix the tightening of budgets, and many organisations can feel as though they are being backed into a corner. The only way out is to use more affordable tools like native Windows 10 Security or Defender as it’s called.

Whilst Defender offers essential basic protection it lacks the advanced protection many pure-play cybersecurity vendors offer. Things like Machine-Learning, Credential Theft Defence and Ransomware Rollback features are sadly missing. This means that networks are being left wide open to attack with little or no remediation capabilities.

So, what’s the answer?

Well, many organisations are beginning to look at using Defender alongside other more experienced advanced security solutions. This is to provide an additional security layer. This is absolutely the right thing to do. However, we’re again, making things more complex by adding more products and more consoles to solve one problem. This will also impact the visibility into our Endpoint estate.

The solution to this problem is MVISION Endpoint and the vendor McAfee.

This provides us with a way to use the basic security features of Windows Defender and an extra layer of advanced protection. All whilst using a single console to manage, report and deploy policies (for both environments) from. This not only boosts our defences against things like zero-day threats but gives us a more rounded view of our Endpoint security posture.

MVISION Endpoint Available from November

Available from November, McAfee MVISION Endpoint gives you file, file less & behavioural machine learning analysis. Also, perhaps most importantly it provides centralised management for EVERY endpoint in your environment.

The extremely lightweight agents rolled out through ePO (more on MVISION ePO later) allow users to deploy across multiple devices including:

  • Computers – Linux, MacOS & Windows
  • Servers – Linux & Windows
  • IoT – Various
  • Mobile – Android & iOS

If your devices are encrypted, MVISION includes impressive roll back features that enable end users to quickly and easily recover files that are being held hostage by Ransomware.

Couple this with protection from credential and password theft, attack behaviour blocking AND machine learning capability and you have a cost-effective, advanced security solution that compliments Windows Defender perfectly.

MVISION Endpoint is available in a SaaS, Virtual or Local deployment model.

The McAfee MVISION portfolio also comprises of MVISION Mobile and MVISION ePO which we will cover in the coming days.

For more information on how you can use McAfee MVISION alongside your existing Windows Defender estate call one of our McAfee specialists on 01865 595510.

Keep an eye on our Blog for more information. Or for more information on the rest of our McAfee portfolio check out our McAfee partner page.