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The popularity of SMB Security Breaches

8th February 2016

Today, it is essential for all businesses to secure critical assets and sensitive data against cyber threats. In this information age, a large security
breach could mean the death of some companies. Hundreds of new vulnerabilities appear every day in an attempt to compromise data. This, coupled with
attempted espionage and phishing means it is increasingly harder to effectively secure a business. Business owners need to invest in cyber security
and hire the staff who specialise in information security in order to thrive.

The world is rich in technical resources in this day and age as more and more people choose professions in the technology industry. This greatly benefits
small to medium business (SMB) environments as they are in a position to scale more easily.

The way people browse the internet means SMBs are changing the way they do business with the emergence of cloud-based services and social media sites providing
high level applications for that originally were only available to enterprise businesses. For example, mobile and cloud applications now provide:

  • The ability to access information and data from anywhere at anytime
  • Scaling up or down of technology solutions
  • The cost of replacing old technology and infrastructure is increasing more predictable.

Adopting cloud and mobile technologies to keep up with current trends and to scale as a business means an increased risk of security breaches.

SMBs are a popular target for cybercriminals as they often fail to raise the sufficient resources, knowledge and manpower necessary to comprehensively
protect their networks. Cybercriminals recognise this and use these challenges to attempt to exploit vulnerabilities. Until SMBs adopt practises and
policies applied by large enterprises, they will continue to be popular targets.

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Auther Credit:

James Tolosa, Senior Security Analyst, SMB, Check Point Software Technologies