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So what is MVISION Mobile – Find out HERE!

19th October 2018
So what is MVISION Mobile – Find out HERE!

The benefits of Mobile working are there for all to see. Although often seen as being less secure, fewer employees within the office doesn’t necessarily have to mean reduced security. Especially now with McAfee MVISION Mobile.

MVISION Mobile is part of the new MVISION solution portfolio. The portfolio which also consists of MVISION Endpoint and MVISION ePO is a new selection of products to complement Windows Defender.

MVISION Mobile uses a three-pronged approach to protect mobile devices. It can protect Apple iOS and Google Android devices, the networks the devices connect to and it’s applications. Also, as an additional bonus, the solution protects devices whether they’re online or not.

As with most advanced products now, it also uses Machine Learning technology to identify never before seen threats. Its machine learning technology is fed by data from millions of other devices – Together is Power!

MVISION Mobile Integration

Not only does MVISION Mobile allow devices to share threat intelligence, it also, provides seamless integration with ePO. ePO is McAfee’s award-winning central management console. This feature allows you to manage your mobile estate as you would any other endpoint.

The integration doesn’t end there though. Many organisations run more than one Enterprise EMM solution. Especially those that are particularly large and heavily segmented. MVISON Mobile will also integrate with all of the major EMM vendors. This will allow you to obtain critical mobile data and remediate against threats and vulnerabilities.

SIEM solutions will also benefit from the threat data generated by MVISION Mobile. It will allow SOC Analysts to incorporate mobile threat data into their operations to improve visibility across the whole estate.

McAfee MVISION Mobile Dashboard


MVISION Mobile will also work well in BYOD scenarios. Its on-device security features enables the device to automatically trigger an action each time the device discovers a new threat or vulnerability. This feature keeps the device secure, irrespective of its connection. Whether the connects to a corporate network, public access point, cellular carrier OR is offline – it is still secure.

For more information on MVISION Mobile contact one of our specialists on 01865 595510.