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Human Risk & User Awareness Training

The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Human Cyber Risk

Transforming humans from the ‘weakest link’… into a cyber asset!


Employees have long been viewed as the ‘weakest link’ in a business’s cyber security chain and, with human error still being the number one cause of data breaches, that unwanted crown has rightly been fixed for quite some time.


Even with organisations allocating more time and money towards tackling human cyber risk, employee-related security incidents continued to plague businesses in 2022. But why was that?

Simply put, many businesses just aren’t doing enough to combat evolving threats. With cybercriminals using more advanced techniques to exploit humans, the traditional route of once-per-year security awareness training just isn’t enough to protect today’s businesses from the loss of sensitive information, reputational damage and financial repercussions.

Good news is, the solution to user-focused security has also evolved in recent years through the introduction of Human Risk Management (HRM), offering a much more robust level of protection for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

In this guide we will cover:

  • Why employees create an insider threat.
  • 4 key causes of a user-related data breach
  • How to establish a security-minded culture
  • And how to implement human risk management.


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