Give your organisation a real edge with our cyber services. Whether you’re looking for security penetration testing or user awareness training, we are here to help. Our Managed Security Services offer true wraparound protection – where we act as your in-house IT team, allowing you to concentrate on operations.
Whatever your needs, we are always on hand. 

Cyber Security Posture Review

Security Audits & Gap Analysis

One of the major challenges in cybersecurity is keeping up with the constantly evolving landscape of threats. As new technologies and methods of working are created, new vulnerabilities are also discovered that can be exploited by cyber criminals. The sheer volume of data and number of devices conn ...

Managed Services

Scalable Security Services & MDR

Cyber security is extremely important to businesses of all sizes, as it helps to protect sensitive information and assets from cyber attacks and other threats. Without adequate cyber security measures in place, businesses can be at risk of data breaches, theft of intellectual property, and damage to ...

Penetration Testing

and Vulnerability Assessments

Understanding your infrastructure and network vulnerabilities can be hugely beneficial with mapping out your overall security strategy. Giving you guidance on where best to focus valuable resource and budget. Penetration testing (pen test) is a comprehensive test of your current IT Security infra ...

Security Consulting & PS

Research / Design / Deploy / Support

We approach security differently Security is a continuous journey; where organisational requirements need to be fluid to evolve with the internal and external pressures. We collaborate with you to truly understand your requirements, in house capabilities, and any challenges you currently face. R ...

Small Business Cyber

Solutions and Services for SMB

For small businesses, Cyber Security can feel like a difficult challenge to face and for many, hiring a dedicated Security Manager can be unreachable or not actually necessary. However, the importance of IT Security for any business, regardless of size should not be ignored. It is a common ...

User Awareness Training

and Phishing Simulation

When we look at where our biggest risk is from a cybersecurity perspective, the staff we rely on are still very much at the top of that list. While it can come from a malicious angle, more commonly it is a genuine mistake. Heavy workloads, lack of security knowledge or a general distraction all play ...