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Risk is the basis of cybersecurity, as with all digital environments, threats from attack will always be present. All organisations should take basic steps to protect themselves online to help mitigate risk. By performing impact assessments, we can decrease the risk at every level. Having solid cybersecurity measures in place, you can help protect your organisation, your customer’s data and your reputation.

Risk management refers to the process of identifying, analysing, and prioritising potential risks to an organisation’s data and systems, and implementing controls and procedures to minimise or mitigate those risks.

This includes conducting risk assessments, implementing security controls and protocols, and regularly monitoring and reviewing risk management practices to ensure that they are effective.

User Awareness Training
User Awareness Training
Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management
GRC & Third Party Risk
GRC & Third Party Risk
Asset Management
Asset Management

Proper risk management is crucial for identifying and addressing potential security threats and for maintaining the overall security of an organisation’s IT infrastructure.

“Since 2018, we estimate that the cost of global cybercrime has reached over $1 trillion. We estimated the monetary loss from cybercrime at approximately $945 billion. Added to this was global spending on cybersecurity, which was expected to exceed $145 billion in 2020. Today, this is a $1 trillion dollar drag on the global economy.”

– McAfee The Hidden Costs of Cybercrime 2020

User Awareness Training

Now more than ever, Cyber Criminals rely on human error to in order to achieve their goals and over 90% of cyberattacks start with an email opened by unsuspecting users.

Sadly, it won’t matter how much you’ve invested in the latest cybersecurity tools or the most sophisticated cyber security strategies – if your users can’t spot a suspicious link or a fraudulent email, your defences are likely to be compromised.

Security Awareness training can help transform your end users from unknowing accomplices into a first line of defence. This works by educating and testing employees to help protect your organisation against cybercrime, including phishing and other social-engineering attacks.

If you are looking for a managed User Awareness Training solution with relevant security training campaigns and targeted phishing simulations to reduce your human risk then we can help, check out our UAT Service.

Vulnerability Management

Systems and software have vulnerabilities that occur, some will be minor, however, some will be critical and leave us at risk.

Every year, thousands of vulnerabilities are discovered. One of the big challenges is identifying where these vulnerabilities sit and establishing how we prioritise them.

Vulnerability management identifies, evaluates and reports on security vulnerabilities – allowing quick prioritisation and remediation. Having a clear view of what is exposed and vulnerable to a cyber threat is a fundamental component of any successful cybersecurity programme.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

GRC tools are important to cybersecurity as they help organisations to identify, assess, and mitigate cyber security risks. GRC also ensures compliance with relevant regulations and standards. This can help to protect organisations from data breaches, compliance violations, and other cyber security incidents. GRC typically includes risk assessments, compliance management tools (for security frameworks) and policy management.

Third Party Risk Management

When you look at cyber, risk the majority of focus is on your own organisation. However, we communicate, share data and utilise external services with customers and suppliers on a daily basis. Being able to verify that these partners meet your security standards if often overlooked.

To help form a complete cyber view, it is vital to understand which of your suppliers and customers have a weak defence, so you can cater for this. Third Party Risk software has the ability to analyse your complete supply chain and provide an evaluation of any weaknesses that need consideration.

IT Asset Management

Collecting inventory data and tracking contract statuses throughout the lifecycle of an asset is critical. Capturing your asset data in one location enables better IT asset management and tracking of hardware, software, data, and even non-IT assets.

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is the process of cataloging, tracking, and maintaining an organisation’s technology assets. One element of ITAM combines the ability to track and analyse the financial and contractual pieces against actual inventory. This drives service success with a better understanding of how IT assets support the organisation and its users. The other core benefit of ITAM is being able to gain visibility of software and firmware throughout an organisation to understand vulnerabilities and speed up response actions during security events.

Brand Impersonation Protection

Malicious actors can impersonating your brand, using look alike domains and sending malicious emails. Technologies such as DMARC and Domain Takedown services allow you to detect and visualise what is happening outside of your environment.

Attack Surface Reduction

Attack Surface Management tools do the hard work for you to analyse public assets, report on the attack surface and also uncover information about your organisation on the dark web.

Risk reduction is completed by assessing the businesses risk appetite, policies and procedures then aligning technologies where suitable. We have internal cyber security experts and proven external partnerships who can provide security consulting, framework adherence and gap analysis for organisations of any size or complexity.

We work with the entire cybersecurity market to find the right solution for your organisation, just some of our strategic partnerships include:

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