Transform employees into your first line of defence by calculating, reducing and monitoring human cyber risk with the new class of user-focused security.

Understand and strengthen your business’s security posture against human error and user-targeted attacks through ongoing Human Risk Management (HRM).

Drive security awareness by training staff on modern security best practices through engaging security awareness courses. Educate staff on how to avoid common mishaps like sending sensitive data to the wrong person.

Security Awareness Training
Phishing Simulations
Dark Web Monitoring
Policy Management

Keep staff well-versed on company security procedures with core policy templates and trackable approvals. Demonstrate compliance by showcasing your efforts with real-time reporting on how your business is addressing human risk.

Empower users with the ability to spot, avoid and report even the most sophisticated phishing attacks both with educational training modules and real-life phishing simulations.

Reduce the chances of an attack by detecting when user credentials are stolen and exposed on the dark web and reporting these to users and administrative team members.

  •  Security Awareness Training
  •  Simulated Phishing with real-life phishing templates
  •  Monitor Users Risk with Dark Web Monitoring
  •  Improve IT security policy with built in templates
  •  Company-wide human risk scoring and tracking
  •  Dig deep into human cyber risk

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We can also provide Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations as a managed service, and can provide you with a free Human Risk report, Follow this link for more information on Managed User Awareness Training.
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