Cyber Security Posture Review

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One of the major challenges in cybersecurity is keeping up with the constantly evolving landscape of threats. As new technologies and methods of working are created, new vulnerabilities are also discovered that can be exploited by cyber criminals.

The sheer volume of data and number of devices connected to the internet can make it difficult to protect against attacks and this can make it a challenge to detect and respond in a timely manner.  This is somewhat compounded by the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals and expense of solutions.


So, how do organisations build in safeguards, increase security posture and minimise their cyber risk?
In many cases businesses need to review their current technologies, procedures and configurations to maximise their current controls and plan for future changes or investment in technology. Other organisations may be early in their cyber journey and need to focus on mitigating high risk threats and need assistance in building an effective strategy or roadmap.There is no ‘silver bullet’ in cyber security, but together we can together manage the risk, increase security posture and optimise current security investments.

As a specialist cyber security company, we understand the UK regulations and relevant cyber security frameworks such as Cyber Essentials, NCSC, CIS Critical Controls and ISO27k Series and GDPR. We also and are able to align to your organisation’s specific needs, whatever they may be.
Independent Security Assessments
Baseline and Validate Controls
Increase Your Security Posture
Maximise Staff and Tech ROI

ITB can provide Cyber Security Posture Reviews, Security Audits and Technical Gap Analysis of your current controls. We can either utilise our own auditing regime which takes key elements from all of the above frameworks, or we can focus on a particular framework that is required for the business.

What is the difference between a Posture Review, Audit and Technical Gap Analysis?


Cyber Security Posture Review

AITB Cybersecurity Audit Report Cyber Security Posture Review is a high-level assessment of an organisation’s overall security posture, including its policies, procedures, and technologies. It is used to identify key preventative controls as well as weaknesses that could be exploited by cyber criminals and to determine the effectiveness of the organisation’s current security measures.

Security Audit

A Security Audit is a more in-depth assessment of an organisation’s security posture, including a review of its policies, procedures, and technologies, as well as a technical assessment of its systems and networks. An audit is usually aligned to a specific framework to ensure compliance.

Technical Gap Analysis

A Technical Gap Analysis is a review of an organisation’s current security technologies, with the goal of identifying any gaps or weaknesses that need to be addressed. It can be used to understand the maturity of an organisation’s security controls, as well as to educate relevant staff on what technologies could improve their security posture.

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What do ITB’s security assessments provide?

Each assessment is tailored to the organisation as an independent top-down review, your external ‘set of eyes’ on the threat landscape and how your organisation is positioned to defend against criminals, accidental errors and insider threats.

Our assessments cover:

Technical Controls for: 
Access Management, Email & Web Security, Network Security, Endpoint Protection and Configuration, Data Protection, Disaster Recovery
Procedures for:
Password Management, Change Management, Risk Management, User Training, Patch Management, Incident Response, Physical Security, Remote Working
ISO 27001/27002
CIS Critical Controls
Cyber Essentials
NCSC Guidelines

For a full solution brief on what we can include please reach out to one of our sales team who can setup a call with one of our cyber security consultants.