Cyber Solutions

Here at ITB we offer the very best cyber security solutions to ensure your organisation is fully protected. We cover all aspects of IT security, from security operations to endpoint security. Not only do we help arm your IT infrastructure with world-leading cyber security, but we continuously develop to ensure the safety of your organisational data, network and integrity.

Access Management

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PAM / IAM / MFA / Auditing

Access Management technologies are used to create, secure, and manage user accounts within a system or network. This includes things like setting up strong passwords and enforcing password policies, enabling two-factor authentication, regularly updating account permissions and ...

Cloud Security


CASB / CSPM / WAF / Cloud App Sec

Usage of the cloud has grown exponentially for organisations across the UK. It has transformed the way users and teams communicate, collaborate and work. This has in-turn changed the way we need to look at securing data, maintaining compliance requirements and gaining visibili ...

Data Security

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Backup / DR / DLP / eDiscovery

The data held within a business, regardless of where it resides, is one of its most critical and important assets. If that data falls victim to unapproved access it could result in large fines, complete loss of productivity and brand damage. Therefore, it is vital to keep the data we hold safe. Dat ...

Edge Security

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SSE / Web / Email / ZTNA

Edge Security solutions secure your employees from threats coming into and out of the corporate estate regardless of whether they are working locally or remotely. They can also enable businesses to securely collaborate with third parties without the inherent security risks.  ...

Endpoint Security

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AV / EDR / XDR / Secure Config / Patch

We now use more devices than ever before. Without these devices we have reached a point that it would be detrimental to the running of any organisation. While the focus should be on using technology as an enabler, we cannot hide from the fact that every device that connects to a network is a potent ...

Network Security


NGFW / Micro Segmentation / DDoS / IPS

Network security covers a broad spectrum of both hardware and software, encompassing processes, rules & configurations that relates to network usage, accessibility, and overall threat protection.   Network security is essential for safeguarding data and information, ...

Risk Management

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User Awareness / Vuln. Mgmt / Risk Mgmt / Asset Mgmt

Risk is the basis of cybersecurity, as with all digital environments, threats from attack will always be present. All organisations should take basic steps to protect themselves online to help mitigate risk. By performing impact assessments, we can decrease the risk at every level. Having solid cybe ...

Security Operations



Security operations management involves coordinating the efforts of multiple teams or solutions to ensure that an organisation\'s data and systems are secure and compliant.   This includes implementing security protocols and controls, regularly reviewing and updating security policies and pro ...