User Awareness Training

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When we look at where our biggest risk is from a cybersecurity perspective, the staff we rely on are still very much at the top of that list. While it can come from a malicious angle, more commonly it is a genuine mistake. Heavy workloads, lack of security knowledge or a general distraction all play a part.

Through on-going education, we have the ability to turn this risk into our strongest line of defence. One that will also have a major impact on your organisation’s overall security posture.

User awareness training is an educational process that helps increase employees’ understanding of data security policies, procedures, and best practices. It enables users to recognise common threats and attacks with the goal to reduce human error.

Human Risk Scoring
User Awareness Training risk score

The main goal of user awareness training is to empower staff members with the knowledge needed to properly identify, handle, and protect any sensitive or private information they might encounter while using company computers or devices.

By having a comprehensive user awareness programme in place, businesses are able to equip their employees with the tools needed to spot signs of phishing emails or other malicious content. In turn, this enables organisations to reduce their vulnerability against attacks from external sources.

The phishing simulation aspect of the service allows us to test the effectiveness of organisational policy and training by sending simulated phishing emails to employees and measuring their response. This helps to identify any areas where additional training may be needed, and allows organizations to see the direct impact of their training efforts.

Additionally, such programmes provide resources for IT departments (in case something goes wrong);  users will be better equipped with information on how to respond when faced with cyber threats.

  •  Understand Human Risk to your organisation
  •  Prioritise training on risk reduction
  •  Train all staff the basic requirements of secure working
  •  Validate staff understanding on phishing techniques
  •  Comply with GDPR, ISO27k and CIS

Talk to a Cyber Advisor

We can build a phishing simulation and training service that suits your organisational needs, speak to a cyber advisor to see how we can reduce your human risk.


Free Human Risk Report

Understand the current employee security posture in your organisation with a free one-page report.

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  2. We’ll scan your domain and the dark web for possible routes of attack, then launch a phishing simulation that replicates real-world attack techniques.
  3. You’ll get your free one-page report, outlining:
    • Your business’s human risk score
    • Estimated ‘Time-to-Breach’
    • Employee phishing simulation results
    • Breakdown of data exposed on the dark web
    • Your step-by-step remediation plan

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Managed Security Awareness & Phishing Simulation

Our managed service is a great solution for organisations looking to improve their cybersecurity posture, without the need to assign internal resources to design and run campaigns.

Training:  Depending on the requirement, we can either set users on a specific training path to meet a gold standard of security awareness, or we can tailor the training to business or individuals.

Phishing: We tailor phishing emails to your organisation by discussing and researching tools you actually use whilst mixing this with more generic phishing attempts. This is a critical part as employees will need to properly understand key areas to look for to identify the phish.

How to get started? We start off with a scoping call to discuss which of our services would be best suited to the organisation, after this we can provide access to our unique Human Risk analysis training module. This will identify weaknesses in users’ security awareness. Onboarding is easy and straight-forward for the majority of organisations and we can have you up and running in days, not months.

  • Prevent Fraud
  • Increased Security Posture
  • Run campaigns without internal resource
  • Meet compliance and insurance requirements
  • Understand Human Risk