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Data Protection

It is no secret that data volumes are increasing at a rapid rate, this rise can put huge amounts of pressure on IT teams who have to consider a whole host of situations in which data could be lost.

Unauthorised application use, misuse of corporate computers, unauthorised physical and network access, remote worker security and misuse of passwords all have to be taken into consideration regardless of business size.

It is now critical for IT to ensure safe data handling but deploying necessary protective solutions can seem daunting. Some Data Loss Prevention (DLP) products require substantial effort to deploy and typically have large on-going consultancy costs.

These products leave it up to IT to know about all the data that needs to be protected. But can IT be expected to know about all the data in all of the various departments of an organization and how it needs to be handled? The short answer is no.

It’s impossible for IT to identify all of the sensitive data, interpret the regulations, and translate them into effective policies. When faced with this dilemma, many companies simply fall back to“good enough” solutions that don’t provide basic protection and offer little insight into on-going data-related risks.

The answer is in having the ability to discover, monitor, protect and manage confidential data.

Working with our strategic partners ITB provide DLP solutions that safeguard sensitive data wherever it lives, on the network, in storage systems, or at the endpoint and our solutions start to analyse in minutes, not months.

Integrate this with email security, web security and encryption to provide the ultimate protection for data at rest, data in-use and data in motion.

Data Loss Prevention will help your business.

  • Protect devices with powerful data encryption
  • Ensure continual file and folder protection
  • Extend the reach of IT
  • Centralise and simplify your data security management
  • Prove compliance with advanced reporting and auditing capabilities