Bulletproof is a trusted provider of innovative cybersecurity and people-powered solutions. With strong industry knowledge and pioneering technology, Bulletproof are confident in providing valuable cybersecurity solutions to strengthen cyber resilience.


At Bulletproof, solutions are designed to cater specific requirements, helping businesses grow by removing the complexities of managing cybersecurity in-house. From penetration testing and managed SIEM, to security awareness training and GDPR consultancy, Bulletproof offer a range of services to help organisations stay secure and avoid cyber incidents.

By combining years of industry experience and a broad range of services, Bulletproof supports technology with human expertise to solve cybersecurity challenges. They work as an extension of your team to deliver tailored cybersecurity solutions which are designed to give you full visibility over your threat landscape, proactively detecting new threats, and taking swift action to prevent a cyber attack.

Managed SIEM
Penetration Testing
Compliancy Audits
Managed Detection & Response

Industry leading cyber security for every business

We work alongside Bulletproof to compliment our in house service offerings to meet the security challenges of larger enterprise customers. Through their defense.com solution we can offer Pentesting-as-a-service, Managed SOC & SIEM services, Managed Detection and Response and Vulnerability Assessments – all from industry certified professionals.

Alongside these services, Bulletproof’s team of auditors build on our in-house consultant’s expertise and can cover certified audits against ISO27k, SOC2 and GDPR.

  •  Penetration Testing
  •  Managed SOC / SIEM
  •  Managed Detection and Response
  •  Vulnerability Assessments
  •  Security Audits for ISO27k, SOC2 & GDPR