Keeper is a leading provider of zero-trust and zero knowledge security cloud services spanning secrets management, privileged access, secure remote infrastructure access, and encrypted messaging.

Your organisation can mitigate the risk of password-related cyberattacks through password management and security software that protects both organisations and customers from data breaches.

Keeper uses the zero-knowledge security model, which utilises a unique encryption and data segregation framework to protect against a remote data breach. Encryption and decryption occur on the device level, upon a user logging into their Keeper vault. Each individual record stored in the user’s vault is encrypted with a random 256-bit AES key which is generated on the user’s device. The data remains encrypted after it leaves the user’s device, transmits over the internet, and is stored in the Keeper vault.

Enterprise Password Management
Password Risk Analysis
Privilege Access Management
Secure Remote Access

Cybersecurity starts here

Keeper’s password manager stores all of your passwords and MFA codes in one, secure, digital web-vault and auto-fills your login credentials on all of your websites and apps, whilst Keeper Business provides organisations with complete visibility into employee password practices – allowing them to enforce company password policies, monitor employee compliance, and generate audit trails and reports.

Keeper also securely manages the lifecycle of privileged account credentials with RBAC and controlled credential sharing.

  •  Password management and compliance
  •  RBAC & SSO / SAML 2.0
  •  MFA (DUO & RSA)
  •  Active directory and LDAP sync, SCIM and Azure AD
  •  Advanced reporting and alerts module (ARAM)
  •  BreachWatch®
  •  Keeper SSO Connect®
  •  Secrets and Connection Manager

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Keeper bridges the gap between Enterprise Password Management (EPM) and Privilege Access Management (PAM) by integrating some PAM functionality into their vaulting solution in 2 key areas:

Keeper Secrets Manager is a fully managed cloud-based, zero-knowledge platform for securing infrastructure secrets such as API keys, database passwords, access keys, certificates and any type of confidential data. Adding in the ability to authenticate workloads via Keeper and providing password rotation.

Keeper Connection Manager is an agentless remote desktop gateway that can be installed in any on-prem or cloud environment. This enables organisations to allow access to internal workloads for remote users, contractors and third parties whilst maintaining role-base access, session recording and auditing, and credential management.

Keeper Security EPM and PAM functionality