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As Cybercriminals get smarter, what if your security could too?

A fresh, new approach to security

Trellix knew security could be different. Fast enough to keep up with dynamic threats. Intelligent enough to learn from them. Constantly evolving to keep the upper hand.
Trellix is focused on delivering an XDR ecosystem leveraging FireEye and McAfee Enterprise’s integrated portfolio. The company’s new branding and its brand promise is to build resilient and confident organizations through living security – security technology that learns and adapts to protect operations from the most advanced threat actors and enables organizations to thrive.

Living security makes organizations more resilient through the interconnection of a wide variety of threat sensors and capabilities, so they know their operations are protected. It is native and open, meaning you can safely manage a living IT ecosystem that is configured optimally for your organization. Living security also leverages an optimal blend of expert advice, assistance, and automation so security teams are more effective and efficient when incidents happen.