Make an Impact: cyber power in an overly digital world

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Digital technologies have advanced more rapidly than any innovation in recent times. We have seen huge developments in both technology for the home and the workplace too. The pandemic then further accelerated digital transformation with the unprecedented demand for medical devices, online ordering and remote working.

From ePassports and smart watches to NHS apps and the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) – transformation is everywhere.

Technology today holds promise for the future of both the healthcare sector and businesses. It can improve profit margins, prevent illness, enable early diagnosis, empower health management and support business transactions. 

If your organisation (like many) is increasing its digital footprint, relying on cyber defence becomes even more prevalent. Not only are we seeing a huge influx of IoT devices within the healthcare sector, but digital payment systems and semi or fully automated processes in retail are becoming more dependent on cyber safety too.

Often cybersecurity is overlooked or seen as a ‘nice to have’, whereas in reality it is one of the biggest threats to organisations and economies across the globe. The world is still expanding through digitalisation and we too must move forward and strive towards a safer digital future.

So what is the best strategy to cover all of our digital assets and processes across the board?  How do we navigate through complex business transactions whilst protecting all of our data? We can make an impact by introducing robust cybersecurity strategies yes, but what if you could hand everything over and outsource all of your protection? Getting the best cyber protection might be easier than you think.

This is where a managed cybersecurity solution is best placed, not only will it offer continuous monitoring but it also offers protection across all platforms – whatever or wherever they may be. Making an impact in the security world means careful and proactive action is taken to ensure a timely response to any potential threats. This in turn will help prevent security breaches and reduce the risk of damage to organisations.

Finding the right team for the job is another great way to ensure that you get results. With managed cybersecurity you will have a team of experts on-hand and the resources to continuously monitor and protect your organisational infrastructure. This covers businesses that don’t have the in-house security staff or resources to build and maintain their own security infrastructure too.

Another impactful tool with a fully managed solution is managed endpoint and MDR.  Some more advanced endpoint solutions are tailored to requirements, utilising advanced AV & EDR technologies to manage the day to day configuration and alert triage. Vendor SOC services are also used to provide an MDR solution that covers endpoint, network and cloud.

That’s not all though, as Managed SSE allows businesses to outsource the build and configuration of their web security stack to protect cloud services including Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace. Along with that, and to further your enhanced protection,  managed email security protects mailboxes and covers a multitude of threats.

Mail security today not only protects against malicious links and attachments, but also email compromise and phishing. These solutions now delve deeper to look at mailboxes either from a gateway level or machine learning (via APIs) to cover a multitude of threats.

Many businesses now obtain cyber insurance for any ‘worst case’ situation and to protect against losses caused by an attack. But have you been able to build a comprehensive level of security to fall in-line with the insurers expectations to even get cover in the first place? This is a great tool at allowing an organisation to set up a solid level of cover and to ensure that insurance policies are valid.

You may be finding it hard to justify a budget for cyber protection or maybe you just don’t have the manpower, but setting up protection early is the best step towards a safer digital future for all organisations.

Other ways in which we can make an impact through managed cybersecurity include;

– Managed user awareness training and phishing
– Backup-as-a-Service
– Managed Data Loss Prevention
– Password and Privilege Access as a Service
– Pentesting-as-a-Service
– Managed SD-WAN
– Managed Security Operations (SIEM/SOC)
– Virtual CISO

We do carry the ability to hold really strong protection against cyber criminals, the trick is just enforcement.

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