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The Big Cyber Security Skills Gap

When looking for savings in any organisation, it is often the \'nice to have\' departments that are the first to be hit. This means that areas such as IT and Marketing are overlooked and frequently seen as unessential in terms of business operation. We understand how this common misconception could ...Read More →

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Stopping threats through the prolific world of access management.

Restricting access to anything in this world is a solid way of controlling its security, but, as the number of user profiles and platforms increases in the IT security field, is there any real guarantee of safety?  Certainly, by controlling who and what can access your systems and data we can elim ...Read More →

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Make an Impact: cyber power in an overly digital world

Digital technologies have advanced more rapidly than any innovation in recent times. We have seen huge developments in both technology for the home and the workplace too. The pandemic then further accelerated digital transformation with the unprecedented demand for medical devices, online ordering a ...Read More →

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Out of Our Hands: Human Error and The Future of Cyber Defence. 

As organisations, we are all knowledgeable enough to expect an element of human error. This will not just sit within the confinements of cybersecurity, as human error spans a plethora of areas in the day-to-day running of any organisation. By definition, [human] error means that something has ...Read More →

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What's The (End)Point?

As organisations across the UK become more and more dependent on digital transactions, the importance of strong and secure connected network performance grows more and more each year. In today\'s world it is commonplace to complete digital purchases, pay contactlessly and rely on digital supply chai ...Read More →

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Cutting Edge: Cybersecurity and new tech today

We want to start a little conversation on innovation and new and emerging technology in the cybersecurity market. With the ever-expanding demand for secure and protected work spaces, there is no doubt that technology continues to develop alongside and, on occasion, at the front of the race. So, ...Read More →

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ITB Awarded Silver partner level with Rapid7

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded \'Silver Status\' with our brand partner, Rapid7. This partnership brings advanced cyber security specialities to our customers and is a demonstration of how our team of technical experts have been recognised as advocates of Rapid7 solutions. ...Read More →

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ITB Relaunches Website as part of Rebrand Project

Following a review of the current cybersecurity marketplace, and alongside the ever-evolving digital landscape in which we work, we have taken the decision to develop and create a new company logo which better reflects our overall brand strategy and goals for the future. Along with this, we have als ...Read More →

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Fashioning A New Cyber Realm? 2023 and what's in-store.

IT Leaders will be looking to set out a strong roadmap for cybersecurity in 2023. That much is a given, but where do you even begin? With the realm in which we operate moving at an unprecedented rate, we must begin to decipher the best path by moving and developing alongside it. There\'s no doubt t ...Read More →

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The Backup Plan

As we look towards 2023, and we start to think about how best to plan our new cyber strategies for the New Year, it is always great to start looking at trends in the market. Understanding the cybersecurity industry and the many, many trends isn\'t always straightforward, as cyber criminals are ever ...Read More →

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