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Stopping threats through the prolific world of access management.

Restricting access to anything in this world is a solid way of controlling its security, but, as the number of user profiles and platforms increases in the IT security field, is there any real guarantee of safety?  Certainly, by controlling who and what can access your systems and data we can elim ...Read More →

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ITB strengthen their Managed Service offering with Bitdefender

At ITB, we utilise our security engineers expertise to provide various levels of managed services for our customers, including basic support contracts through to our MDR Lite service. We can now extend this out to a full MDR service with 24/7x365 coverage, threat hunting and incident response from o ...Read More →

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ITB Awarded Silver partner level with Rapid7

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded \'Silver Status\' with our brand partner, Rapid7. This partnership brings advanced cyber security specialities to our customers and is a demonstration of how our team of technical experts have been recognised as advocates of Rapid7 solutions. ...Read More →

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The Backup Plan

As we look towards 2023, and we start to think about how best to plan our new cyber strategies for the New Year, it is always great to start looking at trends in the market. Understanding the cybersecurity industry and the many, many trends isn\'t always straightforward, as cyber criminals are ever ...Read More →

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How Cyber Savvy Are Your Users?

The purpose of Cyber Security is to mitigate the abuse of, or indeed the destruction of your network, your applications, devices, data, or even physical assets. Standard practice taken by organisations is to deploy several types of security technologies across their networks including hardware, sof ...Read More →

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IT Security - Email & Web Security

Email Security Email is one of your most business-critical tools, however, the range of email threats is increasing rapidly. Due to this, systems and solutions for email and web security are having to adapt and become more complex than ever, while at the same time offer advanced business functional ...Read More →

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Back to Cybersecurity Basics – Part 10: Network Security

Gone are the days when a network was confined within the walls of your business. In 2018 organisations of all sizes are taking advantage of the rapid advances in technology to provide their employees with a more distributed, flexible working environment. This flexibility brings with it numerous b ...Read More →

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Back to Cybersecurity Basics – Part 9: Malware Protection

Malware, or malicious software to give it it’s full name is any software that’s sole intention is to cause harm to a computer/network or to use its influence to extract sensitive data or money in the form of cryptocurrency. To protect yourself from Malware, you must first understand what Malw ...Read More →

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Back to Cybersecurity Basics – Part 8: Secure Configuration

For those of you that have gone through the Cyber Essentials scheme, like us, you will know that Secure Configuration is one of the five key controls spoken about by the UK Government in the guidelines. Configuring systems securely at the point of being developed will ensure that vulnerabilities ...Read More →

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Back to Cybersecurity Basics – Part 7: Security Monitoring

Cyber attacks come in all shapes and sizes. From internal threat actors to state-sponsored attacks on government, security is now seen as one of the biggest threats to business. In fact, in the recently released World Economic Global Risks Report, cyber attacks were in the top 5 risks to global stab ...Read More →

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