Delinea offers cloud-ready privileged access management (PAM) alongside advanced digital freedom. As a proven leader in privileged access management, Delinea provides seamless security for organisations across the globe.

Delinea’s solutions are designed to be invisible to the user, while being easy to own and operate for IT and security teams. Whether in the cloud or on-premises, Delinea’s solutions are readily customisable, scalable for growth, and powerful enough to secure organisations (no matter the size).

As the first vendor to extend PAM across the modern enterprise, Delinea has evolved to meet today’s IT complexities. They believe that organisations should treat all users as privileged users and address privileged access across complex IT environments to reduce the threat landscape.

Extended PAM from Delinea ensures scalability by treating identity as the common thread for authentication. They apply policy-based authorisation controls to meet Zero Trust and least privilege best practices.

Privilege Access Management
Remote Access
Application Control

Secret Server– secures privileges for service, application, root, and administrator accounts across your enterprise, enabling role based access, password rotation, auditing and password policy management as well as providing credential discovery and scripting to help organisations achieve least-privilege.

Connection Manager– integrates with Secret Server to manage and interact with multiple remote sessions for both Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and SSH in a unified environment – removing the requirement for admin users and third parties to memorise credentials and allowing session monitoring.

Privilege Manager– mitigates malware and modern security threats from exploiting applications by removing local administrative rights and enforcing least privilege on endpoints. A single agent allows the management of local privileges and privilege-escalation for trusted and allowed processes whilst retaining standard user permissions.


  •  Monitor Privilege Accounts for audit and compliance
  •  Reduce IT complexity & incident response times
  •  Increase privileged access management maturity
  •  Enable remote workforce / secure remote access
  •  Empower Service account management
  •  Enforce Zero trust / Least privilege

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