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macmon Partner

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macmon Partner

macmon secure develops network security software, focusing on Network Access Control.

Founded in 2003 macmon secure has grown from strength to strength, becoming the technology leader in the field of Network Access Control. In 2014 due to ripening market conditions, they expanded their presence into the European Market, opening up an office in the UK. Interest and demand has been strong with growth of more than 25% year on year.

macmon has a broad diverse range of customers varying throughout all industries, capturing SMB’s, medium-sized enterprises through to large international corporations.

Their aspiration: offering every company a flexible and efficient NAC solution. Which can be implemented with minimal effort, adding considerable surplus value for network security.

macmon secure is a member of the Trusted Computing Group and consequently actively involved in related research projects.

Their Network Access Control product provides you with a complete overview of your entire network environment at all times, performs a large number of essential network configurations automatically and thereby guarantees that all of the devices in your network are protected against unauthorised access and network attacks.

macmon offer their product in two distinct bundles – macmon Network Bundle and the Premium Bundle.

macmon Network Bundle

Network Access Control

macmon Network Access Control provides you with the protection you need to effectively manage network access and protect your network against intrusion of unauthorised devices. get an overview of all the devices on your network and take advantage of mamcon‘s real-time IT inventory management system.

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Advanced Security

To effectively defend against external attacks you need (in addition to macmon NAC), protection offered by macmon’s Advanced Security. Building on macmon NAC, a wide range of intelligent technologies offer you effective protection against all kinds of attacks.

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IEEE 802.1X “Out of the Box“

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a global association that has committees for standardising technology, hardware and software. The standard 802.1X has already been revised and revamped several times and represents a well-developed recommendation for the secure authentication of devices in networks. macmon supports this standard and aids its introduction and operation.

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VLAN Manager

With VLAN Manager, you can take full advantage of the benefits of network segmentation from one centralised point, with very little effort. The system has the potential to reduce your administrative work in a variety of ways.

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Guest Service

Today, nearly everyone owns at least one device and expects to be able to access the Internet wherever they are. However, mobile workers, service providers, suppliers and customers often require more specific access to certain resources. Generally held within your company’s network, neither the UMTS, LTE, nor a completely separate guest network provide an adequate solution.

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Graphical Topology

Infrastructures, even in “smaller” companies, are becoming increasingly complex and unmanageable. macmon’s Graphical Topology provides you with a graphical representation of your network. This gives you a full overview of your network at all times.

If the network as a whole is split into virtual networks and error analyses are to be conducted, this not only becomes complex, but it can also lead to serious errors when it comes to decision-making. This is exactly where they help.

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macmon Premium Bundle

The second bundle macmon provide is the Premium Bundle. This includes everything from within the Network bundle but also automated enforcement of the central company and IT security guidelines.

In addition to the network access control, detailed monitoring of the authorised systems is increasingly important. In many situations, “small security breaches” are adequate to provide easily accessible points of attack. Permanent monitoring of the “compliance status” and automated enforcement of guidelines is thus indispensable.

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